ExtJS – Using Namespaces Improved

Aaron Conran of ExtJS just published a post today recommending using namespaces to organize your Javascript code. I have a rewrite of the Ext.namespace function that I find a little more useful.

I wanted to do 2 things. Firstly I wanted to be able to do this: (it saved typing)

So, as you can see, I save a lot of typing when calling superclass methods. By returning the namespace from my custom Ext.namespace function (source at the bottom of this post) I am able to do this.

I also wanted to be able to apply “namespaces” to custom objects. For example, if I needed to build out a simple javascript object ensuring that a path of properties exist like so:

The above code is a trivial example. I really use it to construct objects that are parseable by a JsonReader given the JsonReader’s configuration. I won’t get into why I do this… but I will just say it involves on-demand store loading from a tree datasource based on tree node expansions.

Please consider this code as a replacement for the default Ext implementation:

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