After a many year hiatus, I’m back

I stopped writing in my blog a few years ago. No one really reads it, but I always found it enjoyable to write in. I have accumulated many many post ideas that I figured I would start writing again. I hope that if you find this blog then perhaps you will find some of the posts helpful or entertaining. At the very least its fun for me to look back on the archive of my thoughts and ideas of yore.

My original plan was to devote the blog entirely to programming related posts, but I would really like to write about other things now as well :-P. Some upcoming topics I am working on:

  • My interviews at Google
  • Building a Quad-copter from scratch. Everything you need to know to build one cheaply. (everything I wish I had known)
  • Hazeltask
  • Jackson HOCON dataformat
  • Dropwizardry – hocon, guice, jersey improvements
  • RabbitMQ
  • Introducing Tribbles – small library sugar built on top of Guava for doing useful things
  • Tachyon
  • Introduction to Scalability
  • and more!

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