Stark Industries – “The process”

At Stark Enterprises I learned that if you want to get work done, you have to know how to work “the process”. The process… well what I really mean…is… ok here is my definition:

“The Process” : A systematic series of steps (see “hoops” and “hurdles”), defined in a directed cyclical graph.

I am pretty sure there were some Top Secret level computer scientists at Stark Industries that accidentally solved the Travalling Salesman Problem in polynomial time while trying to find a way to push their software request form through. Continue reading

Stark Industries – Entrance into Madness

This is going to be my first non technical series. I really want to illustrate some insanely frustrating, almost funny (if it wasn’t so maddening) experiences. If you guys have ever read The Daily WTF, this is my personal experience with some WTF’s.

After graduation I took a job at… we will call it Stark Industries. I spent nearly 6 months waiting for my security clearance. During this time I read documentation, did code reviews, and watched A LOT of YouTube. Continue reading